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Standard License

MP3 and WAV
19,95 $
  • 5,000 units Distribution
  • 750 000 Audio Streams
  • 500 000 Video Streams
  • 1 Music Video
  • 1 Radio Station Broadcasting

Exclusive Rights

MP3, WAV and TrackOut
99,95 $
  • Unlimited Distribution
  • Unlimited Audio Streams
  • Unlimited Video Streams
  • Unlimited Music Videos
  • Unlimited Radio Stations Broadcasting

Buy Rap and Hip Hop Beats at Edwi Beats

My name is Edwi. I’m a producer and beatmaker from Latvia Europe. Past 8 years I have a dream. My dream is just to write music and that my music inspires someone. So my tagline is “beats that inspire”. I got a regular job that I don’t like so much and a dream that someday I will only write music. Music that I like and that inspires me and others.
I write emotional more sad than happy music. Music that is made for you to listen when you driving a car at night. I want to make my every track as a story, so I got a small story with every beat so anyone who listens to it can imagine pictures or some situations which got me to this beat.
Keep making great stuff for this world.

Beatmaking Tips & Tricks

How to check tonality in a song or sample

Easy beginners way. Of course, if you got any musical training or practice you can find tonality by ear just hitting some notes or chords together with a sample but when I started I just don’t know anything about music theory so this is the easiest way that worked for me. I started my…